Kids'R'cool2 Day Home - Where quality care is fun!
Description of Kids'R'cool2
The services that I provide are for children, families, professional preschools, childcare educators, nannies, businesses and schools customized consulting and mentoring. 
I am operating a preschool program for school readiness in the NW quadrant of Calgary, AB named Kids'R'cool2.  In my home we listen to children's music off the television however we do not have the TV on otherwise. I offer nutritious snacks/meals with no preservatives - natural - and some organic home cooked meals, stimulating activities, art activities, regular outdoor playtime, fieldtrips, children's music, story time, dress up/dramatic play, baking, free play, circle time, safety checks of the home including safety gates, locked medications and vitamins with keys, clean home, fire drills, lots of toys from toddler to school age, weekly program planning and colorful playrooms!  I take pride that I provide a fun, loving and safe environment for children to be themselves where we laugh, learn and play together.
My home is a cozy environment with 2200 square feet of actual usable space with big windows of natural light coming in. There are a few areas that are completely off limits including my master bathroom and closet, laundry room and basement.  I focus on individualized and group attention, giving new opportunities to learn everyday skills, a lot of TLC, and encouragement to learn self independence including ways to build a high self esteem! A home away from home that is fun, learning the ABC's and 123's, nurturing, and to stay active! I believe that healthy nutrition supports staying active such as dancing, jumping, climbing, running, and playing sports which also keeps children focused on their individual goals, and less likely to fall to peer pressure and/or bullying.  My daily individualized programming and exercise for the children is available to parents and we have daily outdoor time unless weather is extreme.
I enjoy taking children on regular fieldtrips to the Telus Spark Science Centre, Calgary Zoo, Heritage Park, Military Museum, Library, and teddy bear picnics to a variety of city parks which provides socialization and learning.  My forms for registration, fieldtrips, contract, medical, illness policy, programming, monthly newsletters, etc are available during interviews.  Kids'R'cool2  offers activities for play, exercise, learning, outdoors, nutrition, safety, loving support, family involvement and fun for children's healthy self confidence and growth!
I have an open door policy so parents can pop by during the day and they usually text or phone first to make sure that we are home.  I keep the doors locked for most of the day to keep the children safe.  My neighbors are observant as well and we are all safety conscious.  The way that I keep the parents informed and involved is by making weekly menus with recipes, monthly Calendar with our schedule, Storypark which is free for families, programming, appointments, resources, my training and philosophy with ECE and mentoring which are e-mailed to them. I also take a few daily candid photos of the children while they are playing which I put onto a private Google Photos link. We celebrate many occasions including birthdays and holidays which keeps the fun going all year long!
You can also fill out the form under Contact section if you are a professional Preschool program, Educator, Nanny and are interested in information to take your childcare service to the next level. I believe that children benefit when more people step up together as a community to mentor and support each other so they consistently offer quality care for children.
"Be the best that you can be to set an example for your children so they see how well they can love themselves too". ~My Nana