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My Philosophy
My main value is respecting each other.  Respect sets the foundation for empathy, compassion, and understanding.  We all have our beliefs and values which are valid to our individual life and histories so it makes sense that we take the time to understand each other instead of finding wrong in others.  Children can pick up on our attitudes as they are so eager and curious to learn!  They are like little sponges by absorbing all that is around them.  Whether it's lying down on the grass and looking up at the sky to find animals in the clouds to touching drops of snow falling around them; they see wonderment and miracles.  That is the heart!  In our busy lives, we can all lose sight of the sweetness inside ourselves let alone our children, and it's my appreciation for children that keeps families connected with our program. Children in a school setting deal with a lot of their own stress as well with friendships, plenty of other students, exams, and bullies to name a few.  We can build a strong childcare community so it's a safe place to ask questions, relate, and get more information.
An important tool for teaching appreciation in children is to teach them empathy. They can reach out to get to know others more and show they care about them. The heart of empathy is caring about the other person. Understanding one another and finding ways to meet our needs as well as providing opportunities to help others makes us feel good about ourselves and a stronger sense of self. Consideration of others makes people want to be around each other and children need to know that so they aren't isolated or targeted especially in school.  Children will have the self confidence in themselves and self esteem to know that they matter, they can be who they are without ridicule, and make a difference to others.
Children will learn their world around them regardless of what we put into them so hopefully it will be about stretching their imaginations to build their sense of self.  Social skills to effectively communicate positively with others, look others in the eye, show love and appreciation for everything in life.  This is the way to bring more quality into their lives.

*Please note that parents and myself are a team together for your child. We communicate and practice skills both here and at your home for your child to easily transition through each developmental stage.  With my home and yours - it needs to be consistent meaning that we have an active program here and is best suited to your family being active. Whether it’s sports programs, hiking, regular socialization with other children weekly, mom and tots groups or taking your child regularly to common field trips. The basis for this is consistency which will reassure a child that our group care is feeling normal to them. If our group care experiences here are more active or out of the ordinary for your lifestyle, your child will become confused or unsure. This can make it sometimes challenging and a child may want to slow down activity level here. It is best to find a common lifestyle among the 2 homes. Please ask for clarification on this for suitability.*

While my dad was alive he lived by this next motto:
"Dear Boys, Be the type of guy that you would want your daughter to be with." ~Unknown